9 Ways To Look Bigger Than You Are

When you’re a drug-free lifter, it can sometimes be very difficult to look big and muscular.

Even if you actually have a lot of muscle mass, if it isn’t distributed in the right places, you will not physically appear large.

For instance, I know tons of people who can bench press 315lbs for repetitions, yet they look way smaller than some who only bench 225lbs.

Even though the 315lb bencher has more total muscle mass than the 225lb bencher, the 225lb bencher has certain body proportions that automatically make him look bigger.

In this article, I want to teach you precisely how to do the same.

Remember, bodybuilding is nothing more than an illusion, and if you do it right, you will appear bigger than you actually are.

Let’s get started.

TRICK 1: Increase Traps Size


This is probably the most important thing you can do as a drug-free lifter.

You can be big everywhere, but if you do not look thick around the head area, you will always appear small.

This is a fact.

I know tons of guys at the gym who have amazing arms, pecs, lats, shoulders, etc, but who look extremely small because of their piss-poor trap development.

Don’t forget that when you talk to someone, the face is what you’re looking at.

Therefore, your peripheral vision will scan what’s around the face, which is the neck and traps area.

If a person with small traps turns sideways or to the back, he immediately looks scrawny.

Just observe the guys at the local gym, and you will find this to be true 100% of the time.

Or say Mr. small traps decides to wear a tank top. He will look EXTREMELY small.

I can guarantee you that.

So work those traps, and work em’ hard.

Do lots of shrugs, different pulling variations, and various rows.

Trick 2: Increase Neck Thickness

Here is another super important trick, which is probably just as essential as training the traps.

Interestingly, neck training is THE most underrated form of training that currently exists.

Other than field athletes, wrestlers and fighters (who have impressive necks), nobody else seems to train their necks.

This is dissapointing and frustrating to me, because someone can look SO much bigger if they actually trained their neck.

In fact, if you were extremely skinny all over your entire body, but had an impressive neck, you would automatically look like you lifted weights.

Don’t believe me?

thick neck

Here is a picture of a random guy who happens to have a thick neck.

I will put money on it that anyone who looks at this picture will automatically think that this guy is jacked.

Heck, I don’t even know what the rest of his body looks like, but because of his thick neck he automatically looks like he may be carrying lots of muscle mass.

This is what you’re looking for.

Remember, people will look at your face first, so make sure that the muscles around it are completely developed.

It’s absolutely essential for naturals.

Trick 3: Shave Your Head Bald

Here is a nice little trick that you can use which instantly makes you look bigger.

It’s a universal law that shaving your head bald makes you look more muscular.

This is due to the fact that when you go bald, overall body symmetry is improved.

In other words, the focus goes off your hair, and transfers to the body.

Since there is less volume on top of the head, it makes everything under the head look thicker and wider, especially the neck, shoulders, and traps region, which is what naturals typically have trouble developing.

If you want to do a little game to help illustrate this point, find some pictures of muscular bald men on google images, and draw hair over their heads.

Every time you do this, they will look smaller with the added hair.

So shave that head bald, folks.

You will look way bigger without having to do anything!

Trick 4: Acquire 3D Deltoids

3d delts

Having 3D delts will always make someone look like they are carrying large amounts of muscle mass.

This is especially true when wearing a tank top.

It just pops out right in front of your face, and it’s hard to ignore.

So you must do the same if you wish to look bigger automatically.

To accomplish this, simply focus on developing your rear and side delts.

Getting strong at face pulls with bands/cables, rear delt flyes, side raises, scarcrows, crucifix holds, etc will accomplish this job perfectly.

Building the rear and side delts will make your shoulders appear full, shaped, and broad, which makes you appear beefier as a whole.

It’s very important for naturals.

Trick 5: Get a Wide Back

If you can get your lats to flare out like a bodybuilder, you will look bigger in a shirt 100% of the time.

Likewise, if you have zero back, but possess huge arms, you will look small while wearing a t-shirt unless you are being viewed from the side.

From the back and the front, the lack of size will be hard to escape.

Last time I checked, appearing big and muscular did not mean looking narrow.

Width is what gives the illusion of mass. 

So train those lats like you never have before.

Getting strong at weighted pullups, lat pulldowns, and rowing variations will satisfy this.

Trick 6: Focus on Long Head of Triceps

Everyone likes to talk about the horsehoe effect, but no one ever discusses importance of long head training.

You can have a great horesehoe, but if you lack size in the long head of the triceps, your arms will ALWAYS appear small.

This is a fact, because the long head of the triceps is what demonstartes the meat of the overall arm.

It’s what you see when you strike a double biceps pose, or when your arms are in a relaxed state.

So quit focusing on presses alone to build big triceps.

Make sure to do extensions BEHIND the head, as this will stress the long head of the triceps to a large extent.

By getting a bigger long head, your arms can actually look really big without being super strong.

You need to keep this in mind when training triceps.

For max size, always focus on long head development.

Trick 7: Increase Bodyfat Percentage

increase bodyfat

This is a trick that goes against what many fitness “gurus” are currently stating.

Everyone says that if you lower your bodyfat, you will appear bigger.

This is true when you are overweight or chubby, but not when you are already lean.

If you are sub 15% bodyfat, you are not maximizing your overall size.

You see, for drug-free lifters it’s almost impossible to look big and cut at the same time.

Instead, you will appear small, flat, and depleted.

Therefore, it’s better to stay around the 12-15% bodyfat area than to go leaner, because this will ensure that you still have some definition, but without the loss in size.

Remember, having a bit of extra fat will add cushion around your entire body.

This can severely alter your bodypart measurements, which can affect the overall appearance of mass.

For instance, if your arms are 17 inches at 10% bodyfat, they might be 18 inches at 15% bodyfat.

This is a HUGE difference, and will have significant implications on your physique.

And no, you will not have “fatceps” or anything like that, because your bodyfat will be in a sweet spot.

If you overdo it, however, there will obviously be diminishing returns.

So it’s all about finding the right spot.

This falls within the 12-15% range, depending on the person.

Trick 8: Get a Stomach Vacuum

When you have a tummy vacuum, this not only decreases your waist size thus enhancing your v-taper, but it also makes you look leaner and thicker in the chest region.

This is great, because as mentioned several times in this article, WIDTH is absolutely essential for looking massive.

By looking leaner automatically, we can afford to increase bodyfat pecentage slightly, which adds cushions of width to the whole body.

By having the illusion of a smaller waist, it makes the back look wider, which creates the illusion of mass.

By having the tummy vacuum itself, it makes your chest pop out several inches in front of your stomach, which makes gives off the impression that you have watermelons popping out of your shirt. This automatically gives the impression of thickness.

It’s a win/win situation in all respects.

To get the vacuum effect, do lots of tummy vacuums at home, refrain from doing heavy weighted crunches/ab exercises, and perform many pullovers.

Trick 9: Wear Tighter Clothes

tight shirt

This is an obvious strategy, but it works like a charm.

Often times, gym bros want to feel big, so they will wear shirts that have large numbers indicated on them.

They will then brag to their friends “Yeah bro, I wear XXL.” even though their shirts are floating on them.

It sounds good, and yes it is definitely psychologically empowering, but the problem is that you look smaller when wearing big shirts.

It completely hides the mass that you’re carrying, and destroys any proportions because of the way the shirt falls.

To solve this issue, it is very simple.

Just wear smaller shirts!

So if you are used to wearing large shirts, switch to medium.

However, don’t go from a XXL to a small, otherwise it will be obvious what you’re trying to do.

Just wear one shirt size smaller, and voila you are in good standing.

Pour Conclure

When you combine all these tips at the same time, you end up looking like a muscle monster.

It seriously works, even though you don’t have to get mad strong like a strength athlete.

This means you can look bigger than you actually are.

Best part of all? You won’t need to hop on the hot sauce.

That’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

Now go make some gains.



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