Get Big Naturally with Migan of Team3DAlpha!

The EPIC collab you’ve been waiting for! Show some support to my boy Migan, he’s one of the realest guys in the fitness world and provides no bs, raw advice that really works for drug-free lifters. I want to thank him for being here today, and I hope you guys learn something!

2:46 Broscience and science
4:27 The power of Nucleus Overload
15:25 Success stories of Nucleus Overload
17:38 mTOR and muscle development
22:14 How to activate mTOR
24:41 Best weighted stretching exercises
29:38 Rack pull talk
32:09 Guidelines for using weighted stretching
38:56 How are Migan’s gains?
41:07 Migan’s body measurements
43:24 How to measure traps
43:46 Neck Harness talk
45:58 Neck training will change your life
47:33 Motivation for neck training
48:18 Muscle weaknesses and how to correct them
54:43 Signs of not digesting
56:31 Probiotics & Enzymes
58:24 The best training system
1:05:13 Full body only for beginners?
1:09:08 Full body training mistake
1:09:54 How to program
1:15:07 Thoughts on slow and controlled?
1:18:42 Sets and reps?
1:23:22 How to track progress
1:27:27 Lifting heavy helps with volume work?
1:29:10 Occlusion training?
1:31:43 Full body workouts low rest?
1:33:39 Do supersets help?
1:35:00 Thoughts on conditioning work for bodybuilding
1:38:54 Increase weighted vest resistance?
1:41:18 Hiking weight vest
1:41:50 Form of nucleus overload?
1:44:01 Crazy neck experiment
1:46:03 Calisthenics and muscle growth?
1:50:14 Weighted or no?
1:53:01 Why you need to get yoked
1:54:29 Proof that big neck = epic
1:56:01 High bodyfat benefits?
1:59:37 How lean do you really need to be?
2:03:11 Real life vs internet bodyfat
2:07:38 Illusion strategies for face?
2:09:59 Problems with pickup (PUA)
2:12:05 When you got so many problems
2:13:28 Why women are attracted to men
2:14:52 Migan’s current situation with a kid
2:16:44 How did this strengthen Migan as a man?
2:17:55 Why we need a legacy
2:21:42 What is Migan’s daily routine for success?
2:24:41 Formal education or no?
2:25:46 Why does Migan still go to school?
2:31:41 Entrepreneurship #1 route?
2:33:59 Why not live off YouTube?
2:37:08 Write an e-book?
2:41:35 “I don’t have time” bs excuse
2:45:19 Some of the major issues that men have
2:52:54 Mistakes the men are doing
2:57:53 Habits that need to be gone
3:02:06 How to stay productive while having time to yourself
3:05:19 Read a book a week?
3:10:02 How to make learning history less boring?
3:14:29 Migan’s final message


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