Master Your Arm Wrestling & Grip Strength with Ray Cote!

Today, Alex from AlphaDestiny and Phil from FitWorldExposed have a discussion with Raymond Cote, a former professional arm wrestler, veteran in the iron game, and creator of the Country Crush which has been sold all over the world. He is here to share his knowledge and wisdom regarding arm wrestling training, forearm development and grip mastery, and a whole host of other topics.

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0:28 Introduction + How Country Crush was created
1:41 Difference between Country Crush and V-Bar with Fat Handles
4:14 Uses of Country Crush
6:31 Arm wrestling training: Full Range + Partials?
11:18 How Important Are Heavy Compound Movements for Arm Wrestling?
13:34 Benefits of Thick Handles + Rolling Aspect for Arm Wrestling
14:55 Country Crush Applications to Various Sports
17:52 Quality & Price of Country Crush
20:27 Comparing Prices of Other Grip Training Equipment
22:02 Problems with Fat Gripz
24:18 Special Exercises with Country Crush
25:00 World Records + Strength Tests with Country Crush
29:24 Problems with Dumbbell + Barbell Wrist Curls
31:30 Vertical Wrist Curl VS Horizontal Wrist Curl
33:02 How to design an Arm Wrestling Program
35:20 Country Crush with Bands
38:52 Isometrics for forearms/grip strength
40:10 Isometrics or Rep Work?
43:46 Is Side Pressure Training Good?
45:53 Injuries from Side Pressure?
48:27 Special Exercises for Forearm Safety/Tendons
52:19 Safety in Arm Wrestling
55:25 Side Pressure vs Curling Motions
57:03 Limb Length In Arm Wrestling Important?
58:36 Pre-requisites for being a good arm wrestler
1:01:23 Arm Length Important for Arm Wrestling?
1:03:50 Hand Size Important for Arm Wrestling?
1:06:01 Weight Important for arm wrestling?
1:09:07 So is Bulking Beneficial or not?
1:12:50 Joint Pain in Arm Wrestling causes
1:16:28 Do Arm Wrestlers need roids?
1:22:49 Lats in Arm Wrestling Important?
1:23:31 Most Important muscles for Arm Wrestling
1:26:22 3 Most Important Lifts (strength standards) for Arm Wrestling
1:27:47 Should Arm Wrestlers overhead press?
1:28:27 How to Contact Raymond
1:28:58 Final Message

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