Unleash Your Strength With Richard “The Ant” Hawthorne!

Richard Hawthorne has the strongest pound for pound strength on the planet! He has set numerous world records in Powerlifting for the insane lifts that he did relative to his bodyweight.

He has the all time squat record which is 562 lbs at 130 lbs raw and the all time total for the 132 lb weight class which is ALL RAW 562 squat, 308 bench, and 601 lb deadlift that adds up to a 1471 total. That’s 11.31x his bodyweight raw!

Today, Phil from FitWorldExposed and Alex from AlphaDestiny conduct an exclusive interview with “The Ant” himself! We discuss many topics of strength training as it pertains to Powerlifting, as well as special lifting techniques and mind mastery advice. Enjoy the show!

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