Strongman Talk with Lightweight Strongman Kalle Beck!

1:05 Kalle’s best lifts
2:45 How to train for Strongman
4:09 Training template for Strongman
7:07 Programming GPP/Conditioning for Strongman
8:50 Special Exercises Needed?
10:15 Doesn’t max out Z-Press?
11:26 How to deal with training plateaus
13:26 How important is Volume Work?
14:30 What muscles are essential for OHP?
15:37 How important is CGBP for improving vertical pressing strength?
18:08 How to improve OHP lockout strength
19:57 Low reps on push press, high reps on strict press?
21:01 The myth that Strongman only do push press
23:14 Does circus press carry over to standard OHP?
24:35 What Strongman lifts have amazing carryover to OHP?
26:12 Reverse Grip Shoulder Press good?
27:38 Z Press Carryover to Strict Press
28:36 What are common muscle weaknesses in Strongman?
30:08 Importance of Rear Delts
32:20 John Meadows lifts good for Strongman?
33:36 Benefit in cheat rows?
34:37 How to program deadlift variations
36:01 Rack pulls sets and reps and is it TNG?
37:51 Highest rack pull height?
38:55 When is back rounding acceptable?
41:44 How Kalle’s bicep tear affected his training
44:24 What led to the injury?
46:13 Double overhand with straps exclusive?
47:37 Best Grip Exercises for Strongman
50:35 How important are fat handles/axles for forearms/grip?
51:31 Do fat handle presses increase thin handle press?
53:02 False grip on OHP?
54:42 Does crucifix hold contribute OHP strength?
56:35 Behind the neck press good or bad for Strongman?
57:40 Importance of Mobility for Strongman
59:07 Are the top Strongmen mobile?
1:01:20 What can bodybuilders/athletes learn from Strongman?
1:03:09 Zercher holds elbow pain?
1:06:23 Obliques/Direct ab work for Strongman?
1:09:08 Standing Ab work for Strongman?
1:11:14 Are pullovers beneficial for Strongman?
1:12:36 Best way to breathe/brace for Strongman
1:13:59 How to deal with anterior pelvic tilt (APT)?
1:16:14 Direct rotator cuff work for Strongman?
1:17:50 Glute activation drills?
1:20:12 Sitting and lower back pain
1:22:57 Talk about higher bodyfat
1:24:12 How was performance at a higher bodyfat
1:25:13 How to maintain weight class
1:26:33 Thoughts of dirty bulking for Strongman
1:27:52 Is Strongman badass
1:28:58 Strongman forces you to get stronger?
1:33:03 Special tip for circus press
1:33:53 Final thoughts

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