The Best Yuri Boyka Workout Routine

the best yuri boyka workout AND WORKOUT

Yuri Boyka has one of the coolest physiques I’ve ever seen. I remember watching Undisputed 2 and 3 and being absolutely amazed by his leanness and muscular development.

I wanted to build a similar body, but didn’t know how to do it. I researched online, but most of the articles consisted of horrible bodybuilding splits and cookie cutter routines.

Nothing gave real results, and thousands of lifters (myself included) were left unsatisfied. There was never a system that would break down every detail of Yuri Boyka into a step-by step process.

That is, until today.

After 6 years, Undisputed 3 is finally getting its sequel…Undisputed 4. And of course, Yuri Boyka is the main act.

For lifters all over the world, this has resurrected the desire to look like him.

The only problem, however, is that history repeats itself. The garbage routines from 6 years ago will rise back to the surface, and people won’t get results.

But I won’t let that happen to you.

In this article, I will provide the most detailed analysis ever made on Boyka’s physique. I will examine each of his bodyparts individually, and provide guidelines as to which exercises should be emphasized. Finally, I will give out a free 4 week program that summarizes everything I discussed today.

So are you ready to build a body like Yuri Boyka? If so, let’s get started.

Yuri Boyka Chest











One of Yuri Boyka’s best bodyparts is his chest. Not only does it possess a good shape, but it also pops out three dimensionally from all angles. Everything is thoroughly developed, down from the upper and lower chest. It is also a lean chest, and possesses hair + tattoos.

To acquire such development, you must first lean out to approximately 12-13% bodyfat and grow a bit of body hair.

Next, you will need some seriously strong horizontal pressing numbers. This is because as natural lifters, you need to get stronger to get bigger. You must understand that hypertrophy is nothing but a side effect of improved performance.

That said, a weak bench press cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. For most of you, a Boyka-level chest will require that you bench press at least 225lbs for 10 repetitions. And this is me being generous. It would even go as far to say that you must bench 275lbs for 10 repetitions, or pause bench press 315lbs for 5 (for those with bad genetics). That’s how good this chest is.

Now you may be asking yourself, how does one become proficient at benching? The answer is very simple…train like a powerlifter. By utilizing strength training strategies in addition to multiple special exercises that build one’s bench, you too can acquire the Yuri Boyka chest.

For strength training strategies, you will need to use concurrent periodization. Periodization can be defined as the organization of training…and concurrent periodization is organizing the training in such a way that volume and intensity is managed throughout the yearly cycle. To prevent the onset of plateaus and under-recovery, exercises are constantly rotated.

In simplest terms, this would mean including both volume work (typical of bodybuilders, which is all about high reps, high sets, squeezing the muscles, etc) in addition to intensity work (1RM, low reps, basically powerlifting stuff).

Additionally, because we seek maximum muscular development, direct chest work and special exercises must be incorporated. To simply “bench more to get better at benching” or use the basics alone will not suffice.

Minimalist programs produce minimalist results, and if you want a maximized chest like Boyka, you will need to use every tool in the toolbox. No exceptions!

That means doing tons of pause benching, dumbbell pressing from various different angles, direct chest work like flyes, pullovers, pushups, as well as supplemental tricep work (more on that later, as triceps are crucial for benching strength).

Once you can bench press 275 for reps, dumbbell press the 120s for at least 10, practically max out the pec deck + cable flye machines, do weighted dips with 3 plates for reps, and do pullovers with weights ranging from 120-150lbs, your chest development will be at its peak.

And worry not, for the program at the end will show you how to do this. So are we clear now? Get mad strong at horizontal pressing and you will have the chest you want.

Yuri Boyka Arms











Boyka has arms that are similar to many gym bros. Very big biceps, but average/slightly above average triceps and forearms.

At a height of 5’10, his lean arms are a bit over 16.5 inches. This is certainly doable, and not too difficult to obtain.

Earlier, I mentioned how having strong triceps were imperative to a strong bench. That said, since this program will focus primarily on horizontal pressing, we might as well use variations that build the bench automatically while also hitting the triceps hard.

So once more, we turn back to the powerlifting world. I’m talking about using stuff like band presses for overloading the lockout (optional but if you have use), board presses, pin presses, tricep extensions, and JM presses. By getting strong at all these movements, the bench will go up (which ensures that your chest will get huge) and the triceps should grow in proportion.

The net result SHOULD be the chest and arms of Boyka, aka the beach muscles. Again (not to sound like a broken record) the triceps should be easy to build in this system.

For biceps, if you look at the training of Scott Adkins (the actor of Boyka) you will notice that he does lots of heavy barbell curls. This makes sense, because Boyka has seriously developed biceps, and by using mass building exercises like barbell curls, the net result is bigger biceps. I believe he curls 135lbs for reps, therefore I will also set that same standard for you.


And how do you get a strong barbell curl? The same way you get a strong bench…which is using concurrent periodization aka managing volume/intenstity and rotating special exercises. For specificity of training, we will employ standard barbell curls, cheat barbell curls, preacher curls, bilateral cable curls, and pin curls off different heights. Getting strong at these movements should render you a 135lb strict barbell curl, in addition to Boyka-level biceps.

If you have bad genetics, I will also advise incline curls for the myotatic reflex, as well as dumbbell preacher curls. Both are negative-specific and allow you to stretch the biceps hard.

For forearms, no direct work shall be necessary. By getting stronger at the curls I advise and the heavy back movements that I will discuss shortly, they should grow with ease.

Yuri Boyka Back










Yuri Boyka has a very interesting back. He has a decent level of width (not too much) and a good amount of upper back thickness. His spinal erectors are also developed, and his leanness shows off all the cuts.

However, I would have to say that his upper back outshines every other portion of his back. You may think he looks wide from the front, but this is because of his well developed side delts. His lats are nothing special.

The upper back is really what you are looking for. In ALL of his side shots, you can see it popping out like crazy. This is the look we are good for.

A super thick upper back, and decent lats. The recipe for that look is super easy…a shitload of rows, rack pulls, and a low-medium amount of vertical pulls.

The strength standards I will set includes a 275-315lb barbell row for 5-10 reps, a 45-90lb weighted chinup for 3-5 reps, and a 725lb rack pull above the knee. To get there, you will need special exercises like meadows rows, t-bar rows, yates rows, dumbbell rows, lat pulldowns, and different pulls. The program at the end will include all that you need.

Yuri Boyka Traps

yuri boyka trapsJust like before, Yuri Boyka appears to be thicker on the upper portion of his back. His traps are pretty damn developed, in fact they are one of his best bodyparts given his size.

The more I think about the physique, the more I realize that Boyka has developed the enhanced muscles to a tremendous degree. Traps, side delts, upper back… they are all very good which make him look bigger than he actually is.

However, his neck is rather small. If I were to guess it looks to be no more than 16.5-17 inches.

For this reason, direct neck work FACEwill not be necessary. Many times when I write strength training programs that emphasize the yoke, I include neck work because it aids in building the traps. However, for the Boyka physique there will be zero neck work.

Moving forward, I want to bring to your attention that without chemical enhancement, traps can be rather difficult to build. You see, when one gets on the “hot sauce”, the androgen receptor sensitivity increases in the upper chest, delts, and traps.

In other words, getting strong is not a requirement. Big traps are pretty much guaranteed by upping the dose. When you are a legit natural, however, this does not occur.

You actually have to work your traps…and work them hard might I add.

Seeing as the traps are a VERY strong muscle, it only makes sense that I will suggest that you push them to the limit via maximum poundages.

How heavy am I talking about? How about 455-500lb barbell shrugs for reps? How about grabbing the 120lb dumbbells (usually the max in most gyms) and repping it out 50 times? How about snatch grip high pulls with 275lbs? This is what builds big traps. Cheat reps will also work, as many Olympic Weightlifters are proving.

In sum, getting elite-level trap development requires elite level strength, because you don’t have drugs to help you out.

Yuri Boyka Shoulders












Boyka doesn’t really have massive shoulders. He does, however, have insane side delt development. As mentioned previously, this is the key reason why he looks so wide from the front. It isn’t his lats, it’s his side delts.

Now remember how I said that when one is enhanced, the androgen receptors sensitivity increases in the shoulders, upper chest, and traps? Well, the delts (one of Boyka’s best bodyparts) falls into that list. That means that in order to get incredible development, you will need to get stupid strong.

Not necessarily at overhead pressing (since this is a horizontal pressing system), but through accessory work. I’m talking about doing 100lb power side raises. I’m talking about heavy band + cable face pulls. I’m talking about 40lb dumbbell crucifix holds for 30+ seconds. This is what’s going to give you that insane side delt pop. I would also add that rear delts are crucial for furthering the 3D look, so direct work shall be incorporated as well.

Yuri Boyka Legs


It’s evident that Yuri Boyka does not have big legs. In all the Undisputed films, you can observe this in every fight.

He has nice lean legs, but they are not big by any means. This makes sense seeing as Scott Adkins (actor’s name) is actually a martial artist.

That’s how he built his legs, not by doing heavy barbell squats in the gym.

Therefore, this program will not require much quad work. I feel that doing basic cardio like cycling, pistol squats and rack pulls and easy leg work should suffice.

Even his calves are nothing great. I don’t think direct work would be needed whatsoever.

Out of all of Boyka’s muscles, legs are by far his worst bodypart. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, because that is also one of the key features that adds to his width.

Like I said before, Boyka doesn’t have wide lats. He has wide side delts. When you combine that with his small legs + small waist due to lower bodyfat, it makes him look even wider than he actually is.

In other words, we are left with one big illusion. Pretty cool huh?

Yuri Boyka Midsection


We now end off with Yuri Boyka’s midsection. I find this is hard to judge, because depending which picture you look at he can look slightly leaner or slightly fluffier.

Either way, one thing that I can confirm is that this midsection is NOT shredded. It is certainly lean, yes, but not ripped to the bone. This is perfect for you guys, because being shredded is not recommended for drug-free lifters. Being too lean will make you look smaller (especially in a shirt) as naturals cannot “grow into a show” and retain muscle mass efficiently while in that state, even with perfect diet.

Furthermore, hormones and sex drive can be depleted, and workouts can suck ass due to a lack of energy. Leverages may also be affected, which is  HUGE negative especially since we are trying to build a big bench. So you should be pretty damn happy that Boyka is not shredded.

It makes it that much more attainable to build his physique.midsection

Do realize though, that he was filmed with professional cameras + lighting. In normal conditions, THIS is what his midsection really looks like. Lean, but not shredded.

My estimate is around 13.5-14% bodyfat, but I will give you the range of 12-13% due to the lighting in the photos.

In terms of exercises, I suggest training your abs like a gymnast. This means lots of hanging leg raises, front levers, L-holds, etc. Doing tummy vacuums at home might also be a good idea to keep the waist nice and trim and make you look leaner.

Finally, wear a belt during heavy compound lifts like rows and rack pulls. This will ensure that you do not overbulk the midsection, which I believe can happen if you get super strong at beltless work.

Final Discussion


The program will use concurrent periodization and will be done in a full body style. I believe naturals benefit most from full body training rather than split routines. You will perform the workouts 2-4x a week, while frequently rotating exercise selection.

We do this to prevent accommodation and build overall strength and hypertrophy.

Plus, as you may have noticed, there’s A LOT of customization that goes into building the physique of Yuri Boyka. To simply give you a cookie cutter routine would not work. It had to be very special and specific.

Anyhow, I now present you a 4 week Yuri Boyka program that should allow you to build a similar physique to him. You will recognize that there are many exercises in one session, and that it is absolutely brutal. 

If you wish, I give you permission to transform this into an upper/lower. Otherwise, repeat each workout every 48-72 hours and manage volume/intensity based off how you feel that day (same goes for rest intervals).

Although it’s only a 4 week program, it’s completely repeatable. It also gives you an idea as to how Yuri Boyka programming would look like. So you can copy this format and make it better (if you can).

So without further ado, here’s the program.

PS: If you learned something or have any questions, leave a comment down below! 



Wide Grip Pause Bench Press 1-5RM OR 4-10RM + 3 Back-Off Sets/Triple Dropset
Flat Dumbbell Bench Press 3×6-10 or 3×10-20
Pec Deck 4×15
Rolling Dumbbell Extension 3×10-20
Reverse Grip Pushdown 4×25
Rack Pull below the Knee 1-5RM or 4-10RM + 3 Back-Off Sets/Triple Dropset
(next 1-4week cycle switch to snatch grip and pull off blocks of the same height)
Snatch Grip Pendlay Row or Yates Row 3×5-10
Seated Dumbbell Shrug 3×20-30
Lat Pulldown 3×6-12
Cable Face Pulls 3×15
Barbell Curl/Cheat Curl 3×10
Preacher Dumbbell Curl 3×10
—Cardio + abs or—
Pistol Squat 1-3RM
Sissy Squat 3xAMRAP
Hanging Leg Raises 3×20


Low Pin Press 1-5RM or 4-10RM + 3 Back-Off Sets/Triple Dropset
Decline Dumbbell Bench Press 3×6-10 or 3×10-20
Low Cable Crossovers 4×15
JM Press 4×12
Rack Pull at the Knee 1-5RM or 4-10RM + 3 Back-Off Sets/Triple Dropset
Meadows Row 3×5-10
Barbell Power Shrug 3×3-5 or 5×5
Weighted Chinup 4-10RM + 3 Back-Off Sets/Triple Dropset
Band Face Pulls 3×15
Barbell Curl off Low Pins 3×10
Incline Dumbbell Curl 3×10
—Cardio + abs or—
Low Pistol Box Squat 1-3RM
Reverse Lunges 3×5 (per leg)
Russian Twist 3×50


Reverse Grip Paused Bench Press 1-5RM or 4-10RM + 3 Back-Off Sets/Triple Dropset
Dip Machine 3×6-10 or 3×10-20
Incline Dumbbell Flyes 4×15
Decline Barbell Extension 4×12
Rope Pushdown 4×25
Rack Pull Above the Knee 1-5RM or 4-10RM + 3 Back-Off Sets/Triple Dropset
One Arm T-Bar Row 3×5-10
Behind the Back Barbell Power Shrug 3×3-5 or 5×5
Neutral Weighted Pullup 4-10RM + 3 Back-Off Sets/Triple Dropset
Power Side Raise 3×15
Barbell Curl off High Pins 3×10
One Arm Cable Curl 3×10
—Cardio + abs or—
Bulgarian Split Squat 5-10RM + 3 Back-Off Sets/Triple Dropset
Single-legged Leg Press 3×5
L-Holds OR Planks 3×30-60s


Incline Paused Bench Press 1-5RM or 4-10RM + 3 Back-Off Sets/Triple Dropset
1-3 Board Press/Medium Pin Press 3×6-10 or 3×10-20
Flat Dumbbell Flyes 4×15
Floor Barbell Extension 4×12
V-Bar Pushdown 4×25
Behind the back Block Pull (Plates 2-6 inches above ground) 1-5RM or 4-10RM + 3 Back-Off Sets/Triple Dropset
T-Bar Row 3×5-10
Snatch Grip High Pull 3×3-5 or 5×5
Dumbbell Pullover 3×10-15
Crucifix Holds 3×30-60s
Reverse Barbell Curl 3×10
Cable Curl 3×10
—Cardio + abs or—
Hack Squat Machine 4-10RM + 3 Back-Off Sets/Triple Dropset
Jumping Pistol Squats 3×10
Dragon Flags or Hanging Leg Raises 3×10



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