Why Most Naturals Are Small

why most naturals are small

Most natural lifters look weak and small. That’s because they’re too busy following bullshit training systems while not attacking the muscle groups that make one big.

It’s always the same fucking thing…

  • “Just do high volume, you’re not a powerlifter”
  • “Hit chest and arms bro, that’s what gets you jacked”
  • “Get that six pack, being shredded makes you look huge”

Unfortunately, none of these things will contribute to you looking massive. As a matter of fact, you may even get smaller and weaker with these approaches.

Let’s start breaking down why.

High Volume

Firstly, there’s this big ideology that high volume training is what produces muscle growth. It’s said that if you attack your muscles from a million different angles, while obliterating them to death with endless sets and reps, dropsets, supersets, etc that they will dramatically increase in size.

However, what most people don’t realize about high volume training is that it takes a toll on your recovery. In other words, if you try going balls to the wall every time you attack a given muscle group, you will need to rest longer in order to recover from your workout.This is problematic, because now you are reducing training frequency.

In exercise science, we have established that protein synthesis is elevated for 24-48 hours MAXIMUM after a workout is done. Therefore, if you reduce training frequency because you seek volume, you are actually shortchanging your overall gains. The smarter approach is to reduce volume slightly, and get more training sessions in throughout the week. 

Secondly, one must understand that for drug-free lifters, the only way to get stupid huge is to get strong. This is a fundamental truth if you do not have elite genetics for bodybuilding. With that said, it’s important to recognize that in order to get very strong, one cannot solely depend on volume work. Absolute strength must also be raised. If it isn’t, your neural efficiency and your overall performance will never be maximized. The result is that your true size potential is not reached, because you neglected high intensity work which led to inferior strength gains.This means you should be doing singles, doubles, and triples. Things like 3×3, 3×5, 5×2, etc should all be incorporated into your program!

Obviously, I am not telling you to become a strength athlete. What I am saying is that drug-free lifters require a combination of high volume AND low volume, for not doing so will neglect total strength development, which in turn affects overall muscle size. 

Chest and Arms

What’s Monday? Come on, you know this. It’s national chest day! And of course, at the end of the workout gym bros all around the world will attack their arms. They’ll do tons of curls, lots of pushdowns, dips, close grip bench presse, etc. They do this because they truly believe that beyond a shadow of a doubt that having nice pecs and arms will make them look big.

Little do they realize how wrong the are!

Guys, I am sorry to burst your bubble, but these muscle groups are not what give your frame that massive size. Chest and arms are like ornaments on a Christmas tree. The truth is that there’s only SIX muscle groups that actually make you look massive. This includes the neck, traps, upper back, shoulders, forearms, and glutes. These are the muscles that give that 3D mountaineous look to your body, and what really increase the measurements of your clothes.

I cannot tell you how many guys I see who have huge chests and arms, but they still look weak and small. Especially when they turn around or sideways! Guys like this instantly disappear. At the same time, when these dudes step on a scale, you’ll find that they are not that heavy. This is because they only have TWO muscle groups that are developed. The rest of their bodies are weak and fragile! Their weight and body measurements prove this.

By the way, it gets even worse. The key muscle groups that make you look big (which these guys don’t train) are hard as fuck to build! This is because naturals have few andorgen receptors in this region, making these muscles less responsive to growth. This is precisely why most people cannot grow their calves. However, when one introduces anabolics to the mix, the androgen receptor sensitivity increases in these areas, which makes them easier to grow. That’s why juiceheads have traps up to their damn ears and wide-ass necks even though they barely train these regions. But if you are natural, guess what? YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS ADVANTAGE! You have to rely on your own testicles while really prioritizing these muscles.

So here’s what we got so far. Naturals training chest and arms, and negletcing the muscle groups that make them look big but that are also really difficult to build. What a nice combination!

The Six Pack

six pack









Finally, we come to the infamous six pack. Everyone who trains seems to think that having abs will make them look jacked. It has been claimed by various fitness gurus that the leaner you are, the bigger you appear because of the fact that your muscle shape is more visible.

What bullshit!

Do you know what these fuckfaces don’t tell you? THAT THEY ARE USING LARGE AMOUNTS OF DRUGS. That’s why they look bigger when they are leaner. You know that grainy, full appearance that these guys have when they’re sub 10% bodyfat? Yeah, you can’t get that naturally. Sorry bud! Even with top tier genetics it’s impossible.

So are there any benefits to being shredded when drug-free? ABSOLUTELY NOT. In fact, I’d say there are only negatives.

Firstly, your testosterone levels and overall endocrine system function will decrease. This makes it harder to build muscle, recover from your workouts, and more difficult to get an erection. Secondly, the lack of muscle glycogen and adipose tissue will create a soft and depleted looking physique. “Growing into a show” is a physical impossibility for anyone who isn’t on drugs. Your muscles CANNOT appear big and full when sub 10% bodyfat. It’s physiologically impossible. Thirdly, your strength and overall leverages decrease tremendously, which over time will make you smaller rather than bigger. Finally, the fact that you are so lean will dramatically decrease your shirt size and muscle measurements. So if you had 18 inch arms at 15% bodyfat, expect 17s or less when shredded. 

In what world do any of these things make you look huge? Only in the drug world!

Pour Conclure

These are the reasons why most naturals look small. They only train in a high volume style, constantly attack chest and arms, and they keep trying to get shredded because they think it will make them look bigger.

I hope you do not make these crucial mistakes. If you do, you’ll end up like the rest of frustrated lifters who constantly complain about having bad genetics.

If you’re smart, you’ll listen to what I said. And if you don’t know how to implement my recommendations, then check out Naturally Enhanced. It combines high intensity and high volume into one, develops the muscles that make you look massive, and emphasizes eating like a king and rocking a fluffier look, rather than being shredded.

It’s the best guide ever written for drug-free lifters, and I know you’re going to love it.

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