Interested in Personal Training, Skype consultations, Custom Programs, or just giving me general feedback? Contact me now!


If you are in the Montreal area, I do one on one personal training. Everything from in-person consultations, form services, workout planning, etc. I charge 50$ a session.

Skype: OutAlpha

Let me know your past struggles, injuries, and goals.

SPOTS FULL – Online coaching is 125$ per month. It comes with a custom program, weekly training log feedback, form checks, unlimited email consultations, and Skype sessions (with appointments).

Custom Programs

I write 100% custom strength training programs for very fair prices. My specialty is general strength development, getting big without drugs, busting through plateaus, and Powerlifting.

You get an upper/lower or full body program depending on which you prefer.

Custom Programs

4 week program: 19.95$

8 week program: 34.95$

12 week program: 59.95$

Personal Email Consultations

I will answer any questions that you may have, in as much detail as possible. If you plan on emailing me for personalized questions/information, this is a paid service. Otherwise, ask me general questions in my youtube comment section.

Two or less email exchanges: 19.95$

Five or less email exchanges: 29.95$

Each ten email exchanges: 49.95$

Personal Skype Consultations

Username: OutAlpha

My rates are extremely affordable, and I cover both fitness and seduction questions. I also do form checks.

20 Minutes: 19.95$

40 Minutes: 35.95$

60 Minutes: 59.95$

Email me right now if interested.