Minimalist Training Is Always Limited

I'm starting to really get pissed off with all these minimalist programs coming out. I am so infuriated that it makes my blood boil.

The guys who promote these programs don't know what the fuck they're talking about! They act as if they are knowledgeable and informed, almost like they've read hundreds of textbooks, but in reality they're all a bunch of morons trying to sell you their bullshit products!

They claim that their physiques are a result of their "new proven system", but this couldn't be further from the truth. In particular, there are 4 key reasons why these guys look good.

  1. They have exceptional genetics
  2. They are using drugs
  3. They don't follow their own system
  4. All of the above

Notice something about these factors. Not one of them are related to the "revolutionary programs".

Either their genetics are so fucking good that they can do anything and gain results, or they're injecting large amounts of drugs and lying about their use, or they actually follow someone else's system and claim that the results came from using their own, or ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Because let me tell you something...

There's no fucking way...not in a million god damn years that you can maximize strength and muscle gains through using one exercise. ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU OTHERWISE IS A CON ARTIST, HAS NO TRAINING EXPERIENCE, HAS NEVER READ A BOOK IN EXERCISE SCIENCE, AND IS A FUCKING RETARD.

That's the truth.

Guys, in what world is doing exclusively bench press going to build your chest, triceps, and shoulders to their fullest potential? In what world will doing weighted chinups build the traps, upper back, lats, and lower back to their fullest potential? In what world will doing ONE fucking exercise build complete body strength and muscular development?


That's why minimalist programs are all bullshit. People who promote them prey on the weak.  They know that most people are lazy fucks, and that if they can sell them this fantasy-lazy ideology that training one exercise will build everything they need that they'll make the sale. Because let's be honest here. It sounds great on paper, right?

"Get strong at this single exercise, and you will be covered. You don't need multiple exercises to get big and strong. One movement is all you need."

To lazy people, naive people, and teenagers, this statement is like CHA-CHING. Eyes light up, and they start to think to themselvs "Holy crap. You mean to tell me I can be lazy with my training, use one exercise, never get plateaus, and still get jacked and strong? Sign me up right now!"

But to the trained eye...this is how we see things.


"Hey asshole, you mean to tell me that one fucking exercise is going to take care of my body's strength and muscle needs? You wanna prove that shit, motherfucker? Where's your training clips of you doing other movements, and why are you a small bastard that hasn't made gains in years? How come you got clear muscle weaknesses, low body composition, and NO EVIDENCE that supports your claims of general strength? And by the way, why are there needle shots on your your shoulders? Was that a b12 shot by any chance? Oh, and how come you're the only guy who has exceptional results in this program? Why have your clients achieved many of your strength standards yet they still look like shit, and are weak as fuck on other exercises?"

Big difference, am I right? The newb is all for it, while the advanced lifter is skeptical. Which guy do you think is correct?

By the way, if you think that the rant was purely emotional, and not logical, how about I turn your attention to the world of exercise science? Something that these guys clearly don't understand despite their claims.


Let's start off by discussing methods of progression. We'll keep it simple.

So if we want to get a bigger muscle, usually we need to get it stronger, right? That's why "progressive overload", by which you gradually increase the weight over time is so important. Now, what are the two ways of making this happen?

  1. Change the parameters of the exercise
  2. Change the exercise

Okay, now going back to these minimalist programs...they are basically using the first principle of progressive overload. To keep making progress on that one exercise, they will constantly change sets, reps, percentages of 1RM, tempo, etc. But you know what's the funny part about option #1?

It only works for so long 🙂 will need to move onto option #2. Because if you don't, you know what happens? Plateaus start coming out left and right, joint pain, injuries, and muscular imbalances begin to arise, and training motivation goes way down.

But the guys who promote these programs don't tell you that, right?

They don't tell you that their system will eventually fail on your ass. And it's bound to happen, sooner or later! Actually, it's bound to happen much faster than you ever thought possible. If you're a total beginner to the iron game, this may take a bit longer. But once you reach that intermediate and advanced stage, which is where you need to be in order to be "big and strong" (like these guys want you being), then the system crumbles to pieces.

And if you don't believe me, like I said before you can always look at the owner's results. I can name you a handful of guys who promote this philosophy who look very similar, if not exactly the same as they did years ago. Their strength is the same way too.

That's because their system was limited in exercise selection.

Me, on the other hand? I'm still making gains, even as an advanced lifter. Unlike these minimalist fucktards, I actually promote high exercise selection. I've followed minimalist programs before, and it only left me with the negatives that I mentioned previously. It's only when I started using multiple exercises that my muscles started getting jacked as hell, and that I started lifting some serious weight.

In the past, I had been stuck at a 275x5 bench press. I'd gotten there from purely following minimalist programs. But guess what? I was stuck at that exact number for close to a year. A FUCKING YEAR, GUYS! No matter how much I ate or slept, or no matter what I did to the parameters, my bench press refused to go up. It's only when I started doing other exercises that were similar to the bench press such as band presses, incline benching, dumbbell work, extensions, etc, that my bench went up.

And I'm not the only one who's had this experience. Tons of powerlifters have known this for years. My man Jonnie Candito, for example, was stuck at a 315 bench for over a year.


No matter what he did to the parameters, it refused to go up. So me and some other guys recommended that he did close grip benching/tricep work, overhead pressing, and more incline work. And can you guess what happened? Only a few months later, he knocked out a solid 340 bench. How's that for a minimalist program? Had Jonnie continued to listen to these marketing guru motherfuckers, he would have been stuck at that 315 bench. Now he's making continual gains, even at the elite stages of powerlifting. Pretty awesome, am I right?

Let me give you another example, and that'll be the end of this article. You ever heard of the infamous Westside Barbell Club? For those who don't know, it's the strongest gym in the world. These guys are the best of the best. There is no other gym that has produced so many world champions and records. And you know what these guys thrive on?

High exercise selection.

As a matter of fact, that's what the conjugate system is. It's a multi-yearly system of constantly rotating exercises to develop strength in every way possible. And the results show, as you can see.

So then...let me ask you one final question.

Who are you going to trust in this lifting game? The marketing guru that hasn't made gains in years who wants to sell you minimalist programs, or myself who is still making gains even at the advanced stage, exercise scientists, and elite level powerlifters?

I think you can make that decision for yourself. Don't be fooled by the bullshit that's out there.

Until next time,



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