Here’s The Simplest, Most Effective Way To Burn Fat & Build Muscle Fast

Without starving yourself, without sacrificing foods you enjoy, without doing endless hours of cardio, and without using ANY drugs or supplements.

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It's Not A Gimmick, Hype, Or Fad...It's Just Smarter Eating.

What's the difference between guys who can eat whatever they want and not gain weight, and guys who gain weight from just looking at food?

It’s certainly not a "fast metabolism". It's not exceptional genetics”. Nor is it "eating clean". And most importantly, it’s not some “secret” that is out of your reach...

Actually, it’s something you can dive right into in the next few minutes.

It’s a fact: Burning fat & gaining muscle results from ONE crucial factor that makes skinny guys buff and fat guys lean.

Unfortunately, because of supplement companies and dieting fads, this single factor is excluded in most programs...

Do These Common Experiences Sound Familiar To You?

  • You eat 5-6 meals a day to promote a ''faster metabolism''
  • You cut out carbs because you were told that they make you fat
  • You spend hundreds of dollars each year on fat burners, pre-workouts, and protein powders
  • You calculate every micro and macronutrient in existence, leaving you obsessed and not enjoying your food
  • You eat bland and boring foods and begin to despise eating
  • You spend several hours doing cardio only to report zero fat loss

These diets are completely unsustainable!

They not only have you overcomplicate nutrition, but the make eating miserable, and have you waste hours of your life.

In other words, you become a slave to the kitchen and your diet.

Wanted to go out with your friends or family? Not anymore you can’t. You have to eat egg whites and broccoli at 6:00pm sharp. Were you craving sweets? Too bad, because ‘’carbs make you fat’’. Oh what’s that, you wanted to sleep in this morning? Not a chance! Instead, you’re going to perform an hour of fasted cardio.

These are the types of things that make dieting a living hell.

To the average guy who doesn’t want good health and body composition, what I described sounds comedic.

However, for guys like you and me…it makes you want to quit instantly.

Trust me, I know. I’ve been there and done that.

I've Tried Other Systems But Nothing Worked...

Ever saw the movie ‘’The Machinist’’? In that film Christian Bale played a character who suffered from insomnia and never ate. This is what he looked like.

Scary, huh? Well guess what, I was just as skinny as him.

I’m talking the epidemy of skinny. Veins in my abs, ribcage popping, and frail bones ready to snap.

Having been in this state, it was only natural for me to try gaining weight.

So I did what you did. Did some research online.

You know information popped up? The same bullshit you saw earlier.

At the time, I didn’t realize everything was a bunch of crap. I just shut up and put up with these time consuming, inefficient diets. At the start, everything went smoothly. Weight was going up, and psychology was doing just fine…

I felt on top the world! Weight was going up, and frame was getting thicker. That's of course, before I realized this would not work long-term.

So I Turned To The Last Option...Nutritional Science

If I could understand how the body functioned from the deepest level, I would easily be able to identify that which was good advice, and that which was bad advice. In other words, I would scan out the misinformation, and checkbox the goodies.

I started reading articles, academic journals, nutritional science textbooks, attending seminars and classes, and watching high quality videos.

I went balls to the wall in my pursuit of knowledge. Full obsession mode.

Now believe it or not… it actually took me years of research recognize how the body truly functioned. This wasn’t some math formula took me a week to comprehend. We’re talking nutritional science here, an entire discipline which requires a thorough understanding of biology prior to its learning.

And since I didn’t know anything about biology at the time…I really had a lot to learn.

Only time would teach me the truth.

Long story short, after THOUSANDS of hours researching, I finally understood the world of nutritional science.

And let me tell you something…

Everything that I had done in the past was not only ineffective, but also 100% unsupported by basic nutritional science.

When I Learned The Truth, My Body Transformed Fast

This is when I followed "conventional wisdom"

  • Eating small meals 5-6x a day
  • Counting every digit of food that went into my body
  • Sacrificing the foods that I loved for ''clean eating''
  • Doing endless hours of cardio every single day
  • Getting bigger, but mostly due to FAT
  • Not finding any diet that was sustainable

Now I’m 186lbs of rock-solid muscle and am leaner than ever.

How did this happen?

Well, I knew I couldn’t trust guys on the internet because this is where I learned these horrible practices in the first place. I also couldn’t trust bodybuilders or strength athletes, because they were on so many drugs that it wouldn’t make a difference.

The only source I could have trusted was nutritional science. I needed to learn about physiology from guys that knew what they were talking about. Doctors and strength and conditioning professional who coach athletes. This is where my knowledge came from.

And so...after years of experimentation and trying to figure out what worked, I finally cracked the code.

And this is me now, after learning the truth.

The Truth Was Shocking...

Once I learned the truth, I couldn’t believe it.

Literally everything that modern fitness “gurus” promoted was wrong! The dieting calories, types of food needed to eat, supplementation, fasting, meal timing, food intolerances etc was ALL WRONG!

Here's a general idea to know what really works...

  • Calories in versus calories out is what matters, nothing else
  • Counting macros is overrated, especially for non-competitive bodybuilders
  • Being shredded is not healthy or aesthetic, only drug users can get away with it
  • "Clean" eating is bullshit, the TDEE and food culture is what matters
  • Carbs do not make you fat, a calorie surplus does
  • Supplements don't do anything, they only supplement what is already obtained in a diet

My Eyes Were Open, And It Was Time To Create The Ultimate System...

Once I realized that everything in the dieting world was complete bull crap, it was time to design my own system.

A scientific approach to dieting that is stress-free on one's life. A system that would allow you to eat whatever you want while obtaining maximum health and performance in the gym.

Finally, after all these years of trying to build an aesthetic body, the ultimate guide to nutrition is here...

The Best Nutrition System Of All Time Is Here...

OutAlpha Presents

The Alpha Diet

The Alpha Diet

The Alpha Diet is the best book ever written on nutrition.

I would have done anything for this system when I first started training. It would have saved me all those miserable years of falling for fad diets, being insecure about my body, and spending countless of hours doing gruesome research. Luckily, you don’t have to make my past mistakes. Rather, you can learn from them.

Here’s why this system is so effective…

  • You learn the science behind weight manipulation
  • You acquire special tactics of enhancing your physique without weight loss
  • You learn about the top nutritional myths that have cost you to waste time and money
  • You discover the secrets to accelerating the weight manipulation process without drugs or supplements
  • I show you the key exercises that automatically increase sex appeal

This Program Is Designed For One Goal...

To get you lean and sexy in the fastest amount of time possible…without headaches.

I’ve experienced every body composition change you can think of, and I’ve read so many books pertaining to true science that I know what’s legitimate dieting advice.

I can really help you out here, which may significantly impact your life. No longer will you struggle trying to lose fat, gain muscle, or maintain your bodyweight. Nor will you ever fall for diets again. Fitness will become an addition to your life, and not your life. You’ll never live in the kitchen or be a slave to the gym ever again. Neither will you be in the gym 6 days a week. The process will be smooth, fun, and quite honestly rather easy.

In simplest terms, I want you to build the body of your dreams by incorporating science, which allows you to acquire maximum gains while having a life.

What You Get Inside The Alpha Diet

The Complete Alpha Diet Manual

This is the main manual - and complete program - for The Alpha Diet.

All my secrets for losing fat, gaining weight, becoming sexy, etc are contained inside this ebook.

You'll learn everything from:

  • How to lose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight
  • The truth about clean eating and macronutrients
  • Why most supplements can never work
  • The top nutritional myths that have cost you time and money
  • Special strategies of enhancing your physique without change in body composition
  • And much much more...

BONUS: Special Muscle Building Routine

Although this book is primarily diet focused, I was still nice enough to provide you with a free 4 week program. This highly specialized routine will enhance your aesthetics and dramatically increase your sex appeal.

You will become far more attractive, and your muscles will appear much better than if you followed some sketchy system found off a bodybuilding forum.

With the diet strategies in this book, combined with this special program, you will truly maximize your overall appearance.

My "Get Lean & Sexy" Or It's FREE Money-Back Guarantee

I know for a fact that this is the best book ever written on nutrition and that you will never see anything like this in your life. This system is so powerful that you will completely recomposition your body while becoming sexy in the process.

Now, if you follow the diet tips, stay away from the myths, and follow the custom program – all of it to the letter and for whatever reason don't see results...

Then email me within 90 days and I will send you every cent back on the ultimate guide to nutrition.

I know this system is the best out there so the risk is all on me. All you must do is correctly follow book’s principles.

The Alpha Diet Is Your Key To Looking Amazing...

You've tried several diets in the past, but nothing worked. Gains may have appeared initially, but then you stalled and eventually regressed. The point is, the diet was temporary, and not set for the long-term of both results and individual enjoyment. You were forced to dish out thousands of dollars on special foods and supplements, only to be dissatisfied.

I get it... I've been there and done that. More times than you can ever imagine.

And that's why I can say with full confidence that your life is about to COMPLETELY change.

alexander-leonidas-1I'm Alexander Leonidas...

And if you know me, you're aware of my background in exercise and nutritional science, in addition to the amazing strength feats that I've publicly displayed.

So I not only have the theory down, but I walk the talk...

Very few people have this combination.

And that's exactly why I'm so happy today, because I get to bring you my entire system for manipulating weight and acquiring aesthetics faster than you ever thought possible...

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