The Jeff Seid Workout Program

how to look like jeff seid

Jeff Seid is a pro fitness model, being 6″0, 205lbs, and around 8% bodyfat.

His physique is similar to Zyzz, but has some noticeable differences.

I’m here to talk about those differences today, and how you too can build a body like Jeff Seid.

Before we begin, it’s important to recognize that Jeff Seid was born in 1994, thus making him a rather young individual.

To be that young yet have such a great body is an immediate sign that Jeff has great genetics, and/or past training experience.

This is true, given the fact that he played football and engaged in wrestling. (and was the best)

So he does have some years behind him, which means that it might take you some years as well to look like him.

Muscularwise, you can definitely achieve his physique.

It’s only going to require some proper programming and a strong work ethic.

Therefore, just like all the bodies that I analyze in this series, today I will be following the same type of structure and analysis in this article of Jeff Seid.

I’ll break down everything you must know about building a body like Jeff Seid so that you too can look like him.

First, I will examine all of his his weak and strong bodyparts such as the chest, shoulders, traps, back, arms, midsection, and legs, and how those muscles developed through his style of training. With each muscle group, I will provide general guidelines on how to achieve similar muscular development.

Then, after analyzing his muscles I will compile all the information into one complete program.

It will be a 4 week full body concurrent training program, 100% customized on how to look like Jeff Seid. It is NOT cookie-cutter, as it is highly specific to Jeff’s weak and strong muscle groups.

Usually, I make my programs for 12 weeks, but since this is a free article filled with tons of information, it will only be 4 weeks. Besides, the program is repeatable, and if I made it 12 weeks that would be like giving you a free product.

All that aside, if you’re ready to put in some years into strength training, I am confident that you too can acquire Jeff Seid aesthetics.

Then, you’ll be able go to partying and pick up all the ladies. (if that’s your goal)

Analyzing Jeff Seid Muscles

jeff seid muscles

When looking at Jeff Seid’s physique, it becomes immediately noticeable that he is not a bodybuilder.

Although he has a good amount of size, his body really falls into the Men’s Physique category.

Obviously, this makes sense given the fact that he competes in Men’s Physique.

Now, if you know one thing about physique competitors, it’s that they must keep a very specific type of symmetry and size development.

Otherwise, they will not place very well in competition.

For these reasons, Jeff Seid has developed a very unique build, which is going to take lots of customization on your part to look like him.

We need to keep certain muscles big, and others small while preserving balance at the same time.

It can be tricky, but with a bit of analysis we can get this done.

It will make sense when you look at the 4 week program at the end.

Let’s discuss his upper body first, and then legs.

Jeff Seid Chest

jeff seid chest

If you look at Jeff Seid’s chest, including his best modeling pictures, you will notice that it’s not that big.

This has come to be because of 2 reasons:

1) He does not know how to press

2) He doesn’t need a big chest for Men’s Physique

Let’s talk about these things.

Whenever Jeff Seid performs any horizontal press, either with a barbell or dumbbell, he is making one crucial mistake.

He does not retract the scapula.

What this does, is put all the pressure on the shoulders, which leaves Jeff with an underdeveloped chest.

Jeff also does lots of bounce reps, which further detrains the chest while placing pressure on the shoulders and triceps.

Moreover, when he does dumbbell presses of all angles, he does not use full range of motion.

Half reps is the name of the game.

This will obviously result in a small chest, because the pecs work hard at the bottom of the dumbbell press when overcoming the stretch reflex.

Remember, if you’re only doing half the range of motion, presses become a delts and triceps exercise.

Unless you’re doing bottom-ups, then that’s a different story.

So it’s no wonder why Jeff Seid’s chest isn’t that big.

He has average size with some good definition, but it’s not like he has watermelons popping out of his chest.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong about that!

In fact, we are going to copy this strategy, while doing it in an athletic fashion.

We will incorporate heavy partial repetitions, utilizing boards, as well as utilizing accommodating resistance.

This will allow us to minimally work the bottom range of motion, while strengthening the middle to top portion of our presses.

Additionally, I want you to take notice that Jeff Seid is not a strong presser.

If you go to 8:27, you will see him doing incline bench presses with 225lbs. He only does it 9 times.

For a guy with years of training experience, this is not strong whatsoever.

There are beginning powerlifters that weigh 165lbs who can easily do that.

Due to this lack of strength, the good news is that it won’t take that long to achieve a chest like Jeff.

It will take you around 2 years of consistent work.

Jeff Seid Shoulders

jeff seid shoulders

Jeff Seid’s shoulders are absolutely phenomenal.

They have a great amount of size, with that 3D look to go with it.

Very broad-looking if you ask me.

For this reason, this program will require a heavy emphasis on overhead pressing.

This is because as a drug free lifter, the only way to get impressive shoulders is by being strong at all vertical presses, in addition to the supplemental exercises that follow.

That’s why in this program, there will be more vertical pressing than horizontal pressing.

Now if you want to know why Jeff Seid has the shoulders that he has, it has to do with genetics and training.

Since he competes in Men’s Physique, having broad shoulders is everything.

That’s why he does half reps on his presses, so that he can remove tension off the chest and transfer it to the shoulders.

Jeff Seid Traps

jeff seid traps

Jeff Seid has great traps!

Seriously, they are thick from the front, and from the back.

I would have to credit this to his wrestling and football.

All wrestlers and football players are known for having big traps, as they act as prime stabilizers.

And since Jeff Seid competed in these sports throughout his entire high school adventure, it’s going to be very hard to replicate his traps development.

To develop traps like Jeff Seid, having a 405lb-500lb barbell shrug for reps is going to be a minimum requirement.

Getting strong at special traps exercises like farmer walks, upright rows, and olympic pulls will also be needed.

In other words, you need to attack your traps in every possible way.

It won’t be easy, but it’s certainly possible to replicate Jeff’s traps development.

You just need to get mad strong.

Jeff Seid Back

jeff seid back

Just like Jeff’s traps, his back is simply unreal.

Not only is it very thick from bottom to top, but it’s wide too! A rare combination.

His back is literally the epidemy of muscular development.

For these reasons, you must get strong in ALL back exercises.

You need to barbell row 315lbs for reps, perform weighted pullups with 100lbs for reps, perform heavy hyperextensions, as well as being strong in all the accessory exercises that follow.

In other words, building a back like Jeff Seid is going to take A LOT of work.

It might take you years of strength training to acquire it.

2-5 years is typically what you’re looking at.

Those with better genetics or past training experience will obviously get there faster.

Also, since his back is so hard to develop, I can only do so much for you in this 4 week custom program.

You may need to learn about programming on a whole new level.

Jeff Seid Arms

jeff seid arms

Jeff Seid’s arms are developed in a major way.

He has large amounts of size in his biceps, triceps, and forearms.

His arms look to be around 18 inches to me.

That’s basically the epidemy of arm size of natural lifters.

That means that just like Jeff Seid’s back, in order to have his arms, you will need to reach the peak of your muscular potential.

Your arms will have to get strong like a geared powerlifter.

That’s why it’s so convenient that Jeff Seid’s chest is lagging, because now you can hammer the partial reps and accommodating resistance like crazy.

The program will also have lots of triceps isolation exercises, specifically in the long head area, beacuse that is where the meat of the arm comes from.

We will need to incorporate curls from various different angles as well, in order to effectively target the biceps, brachialis, and forearms.

In reality, we need to go full bro mode to get arms like Jeff Seid.

Zyzz Midsection

Jeff Seid midsection

Since Jeff Seid is a physique competitor, it makes total sense why his midsection is so developed.

His serratus, obliques, upper abs, lower abs, and v abs are all very developed.

His waist size is also small, and his bodyfat percentage is low.

He basically has the same midsection like Zyzz; like literally the exact same.

Therefore, to achieve a midsection like Jeff Seid, it requires that you train your abs from all angles.

You want to train specifically like a gymnast, and not a bodybuilder, strongman or powerlifter.

Otherwise, the abs will get too thick and wide, which will ruin the aesthetic midsection.

I also want to point out that your nutrition needs to be perfect if you want to maintain such a low bodyfat percentage.

Being men’s physique lean requires meticulous planning of macros, which can sometimes be a hassle.

And without drugs, every detail becomes super important.

Therefore, if you’re sure that you want a midsection like Jeff Seid, just realize that you’re going to have to be really really lean to do so.

And it might just have an effect on your social life.

Moreover, being that lean may also cause health problems such as increased blood pressure and erectile dysfunction.

So make sure that if you diet down to this level of bodyfat that you get frequent check-ups from a medical professional. (see medical disclaimer)

I’d also recommend that because you’re natural, you should stay closer to 10% than 8% bodyfat. You will minimize health risks this way.

Nonetheless, being 8-10% bodyfat in addition to having all the muscles of the midsection developed is what will give you that Jeff Seid look.

Jeff Seid Legs

jeff seid legs

Jeff Seid’s legs are well developed, but not bodybuilder, strongman, or powerlifter big.

Like most men’s physique competitors, he has great quad and VMO development, but small adductors, calves, hamstrings, and glutes.

As a matter of fact, Jeff Seid is not that strong in the leg department.

The proof? Just look at his 225lb squat challenge.

Nuff’ said, right?

I mean, this level of leg strength can be accomplished in less than 6 months of training.

For a dude that’s been training for years, this level of leg strength is not very impressive.

I don’t blame him though, because he did tear his ACL several times, and that is quite difficult to recover from.

Plus, he doesn’t need big legs for what he does.

Anyhow, this is REALLY good news for you, because it means that you don’t really have to do much for the legs.

You can get away with doing 1 or 2 quad exercises, and then calling it a day.

Therefore, there is no need to do heavy squats or deadlifts in this program, as that would only make the legs bigger and stronger than you’d need.

Oh, and since Jeff’s calves are not impressive, there is no need to work on those either. #teamnocalves

Training legs is going to be fun!

Final Discussion

jeff seid natural

Now that we have all the information we need, it’s time to compile everything together into a well-organized program.

The program will be executed in a full body concurrent training style, which means that you will be performing full body workouts 2-4x a week (workout every other day), while frequently rotating exercise selection.

We do this to prevent accommodation and build overall strength and hypertrophy.

Plus, you realize that there’s a lot customization that goes into building the Jeff Seid.

It’s essential that we attack this look in every possible way.

Anyhow, I now present to you a 4 week custom program that will give you Jeff Seid aesthetics.

You obviously won’t look like him in 4 weeks, but if you keep repeating this program you should start seeing some noticeable results with time!

So without further ado, here’s the program.

PS: If this program helps you out, leave a comment down below!



Incline Close Grip Bench Press 4-10RM + 3 Back-Off Sets/Triple Dropset
2-Board Press 3×3
Overhead Barbell Extension 4×8
Triceps Pushdown 3×50
Weighted Chinups 5×2
Power Shrug 5×5
Scarecrows 3x30s
Barbell Preacher Curl 4×10
Hammer Curl 4×10
Pistol Squat 1-3RM
Sissy Squat 3xAMRAP
Hyperextensions 3xAMRAP
Hanging Leg Raises 3×20


Paused Overhead Press 5-10RM + 3 Back-Off Sets/Triple Dropset
Close Grip Floor Press 5×3
Overhead Dumbbell Extension 3×12
Reverse Triceps Pushdown 3×20
T-Bar Row 5×10
Dumbbell Shrugs supersetted with Pullups 3xAMRAP
Power Side Raises 3×10
Dumbbell Preacher Curl 4×12
Reverse Barbell Curl 4×12
Low Pistol Box Squat 1-3RM
Reverse Lunges 3×5 (per leg)
Weighted Hyperextensions 3×10
Russian Twist 3×50


Reverse Band Bench Press 1-3RM
Behind the Neck Press 4×10
Floor Barbell Extension 4×4
One Arm Pushdown 3×12
Barbell Shrug 5×15 (use straps)
Lat Pulldown 5×10
Reverse Pec Deck 3×12
Concentration Curl 3×1
Barbell Curl 3×50
Bulgarian Split Squat 5-10RM + 3 Back-Off Sets/Triple Dropset
Single-legged Leg Press 3×5
Back Lever 3xAMRAP
L-Holds OR Planks 3×30-60s


Push Press 4-10RM + 3 Back-Off Sets/Triple Dropset
Close Grip Slingshot Bench Press 3×4
Floor Dumbbell Extension 4×6
Double Rope Pushdown 3×50
Farmer Walks 5×30-60s
Dumbbell Row supersetted with Cable Upright Row 5×12
Dumbbell Shoulder Press Bottom-Ups 3×10
Cable Curl 5×10
Concentration Curl 4×10
Hack Squat 4-10RM + 3 Back-Off Sets/Triple Dropset
Jumping Pistol Squats 3×5
Good Morning 3×20
Dragon Flags or Hanging Leg Raises 3×10


PS: You need to see this if you haven’t already.


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